List of Part Numbers (PN)

A product's part number is a white sticker and can be found on the PCB, housing, or wrapped around the cable.

PC/DSP-400,ISA,4 Axis obsolete
PC/DSP-600,ISA,6 Axis obsolete
PC/DSP-800,ISA,8 Axis obsolete
PCX/DSP-400,ISA,4 Axis obsolete
PCX/DSP-600,ISA,6 Axis obsolete
PCX/DSP-800,ISA,8 Axis active
PCX/DSP-800,ISA,8Axs,IndxLatch obsolete
PCX/DSP-400,ISA,4Axs,IndxLatch obsolete
104/DSP-200,PC-104,2 Axis obsolete
104/DSP-400,PC-104,4 Axis active
A005-0002 LC/DSP-200,ISA,2 Axis obsolete
A005-0004 LC/DSP-400,ISA,4 Axis obsolete
STD/DSP-400,DSP,4 Axis, obsolete
STD/DSP-800,DSP,8 Axis, obsolete
A010-0008 DSPpro-VME-800,VME,8 Axis obsolete
A011-0008 SERCOS/DSP,ISA,8 Axis obsolete
V6U/DSP-400-P,VME,4 AXIS obsolete
V6U/DSP-800-P,VME,8 AXIS obsolete
A014-0003 PC/DSP-300/VW,ISA,3 Axis,View obsolete
A016-0001 SERCOS/STD,STD,8 Axis obsolete
A020-0002 104X/DSP-200,PC-104,2 Axis obsolete
A020-0008 104X/DSP-800,PC-104,8 Axis obsolete
A021-0002 SERCOS/104,motion control obsolete
A027-0004 LC/DSP-400,ISA,4 axis,HIL obsolete
A036-0004 PCI/DSP-400,Opto I/O,4 Axis obsolete
A038-2001 eXMP-Main-LCF obsolete
A038-3001 eXMP-Main-LCF,566MHZ obsolete
A039-0001 eXMP-Exp-LCF obsolete
A039-0002 eXMP-Exp-LCF-8,over/under obsolete
A039-0003 EXMP-ANALOG-EXP-LCF-8,INT LCF obsolete
A039-0004 EXMP-ANALOG-EXP-LCF-8,EXT LCF obsolete
A040-0001 XMP-PCI-MAIN-8C-24V obsolete
A040-0002 XMP-PCI-MAIN-8C-5V obsolete
A041-0001 XMP-PCI-EXP-8C-24V obsolete
A041-0002 XMP-PCI-EXP-8C-5V obsolete
A041-0003 XMP-PCI-EXP-4c-24V obsolete
A041-0004 XMP-PCI-EXP-4C-5V obsolete
A083-0001 XMP-CPCI-EXP-8C-24V obsolete
A083-0004 XMP-CPCI-EXP-4C-24V obsolete
A083-0014 XMP-CPCI-EXP-4-24V obsolete
A083-0015 XMP-CPCI-EXP-8-24V,REAR I/O obsolete
A084-0001 XMP-CPCI-MAIN-8C-24V obsolete
A084-0011 XMP-CPCI-MAIN-8-24V,FM obsolete
A084-0012 XMP-CPCI-Main-8-24V obsolete
A084-0013 XMP-CPCI-Main-8-24v,Rear I/O obsolete
A085-0004 XMP-CPCI-MAIN-4-5V-Rear,ENDSL obsolete
A085-0008 XMP-CPCI-MAIN-8C-5V obsolete
A086-0001 XMP-CPCI-EXP-4C-5V obsolete
A090-0001 RMB-SDI-SynqNet obsolete
A103-0004 PCX/DSP-400,ISA,4_Axis, RoHS obsolete
A103-0006 PCX/DSP-600,ISA,6_Axis, RoHS obsolete
A103-0008 PCX/DSP-800,ISA,8_Axis, RoHS obsolete
C001-0001 CBL-100 Ribbon Cable obsolete
C001-0002 CBL-20 Ribbon Cable obsolete
C001-0003 CBL-26 Ribbon Cable obsolete
C001-0005 CBL-50 Ribbon Cable obsolete
C001-0006 CBL-20-15 Ribbon Cable obsolete
C001-0007 CBL-26-15 Ribbon Cable obsolete
C001-0008 CBL-D50 Interface Cable obsolete
C001-0009 CBL-D9 Com Cable,M/F,6', obsolete
C001-0010 CBL-D9 Console Cable,F/F,6' obsolete
C001-0011 CBL-68VHDCI,1 meter obsolete
C001-0013 CBL-68VHDCI,3 meter active
C001-0014 CBL-D25 PIN D-SUB, SHLD 5 FT obsolete
C001-0015 CBL-D15 PIN D-SUB,MM SHLD 5FT obsolete
C001-0016 CBL-40 XMP interface cable,3" obsolete
C001-0017 CBL-S50 obsolete
C001-0018 CBL-50VHDCI,D-Sub,3ft obsolete
C001-0019 CBL-68VHDCI/68VHDCI,3.75Ft obsolete
C001-0020 CBL-68VHDCI/68VHDCI,1 Ft obsolete
C001-0021 CBL-40 XMP interface cable,16" obsolete
C001-0023 CBL-68VHDCI/68VHDCI,7.5Ft obsolete
C001-0026 Cable,ribbon,ESC4 AXIS 4-7 obsolete
C001-0027 Cable,ribbon,ESC4 AXIS 0-3 obsolete
C001-0028 CABLE,.050 SCSI,68PIN,3FT active
C001-0029 Cable,Rbn,18IN,10Pin,0.1CON obsolete
C001-0030 CABLE,4PIN,.165",18G,PWR,EXMP obsolete
C001-0031 Cable,50Pin,VHDCI/VHDCI,1Foot obsolete
C001-0032 Cable,SCSI2,uD50M/uD50F,1Ft obsolete
C001-0033 Cable,SCSI2,uD40M,uD40M,2Ft obsolete
C001-0034 CABLE, SERIAL, eXMP, DE9 obsolete
C001-0035 Cable,MiniD40M/MiniD40M,2Ft obsolete
C001-0036 Cable,microD15(F) - DB15(F),3M obsolete
C001-0037 Cable,HD15(M) to DB15(F),3M obsolete
C001-0040 Cable,Loopback,RJ45 obsolete
C001-0041 Cable,Loopback,MicroD obsolete
C001-0043 Cable,Rbn,IDC16F/IDC16F,1FT obsolete
C001-0044 Cable,Rbn,IDC20F/IDC20F,1FT obsolete
C002-0002 STC-20 Con,Screw Term obsolete
C002-0003 STC-26 Con,Screw Term obsolete
C002-0005 STC-50 Con,Screw Term obsolete
C002-0006 STC-D50 Con,Screw Term obsolete
C002-0008 STC-68 obsolete
C002-0009 STC-D15 obsolete
C002-0010 STC-D25 obsolete
C002-0012 STC-136-5 active
C002-0013 STC-S50 obsolete
C004-0001 CBL-S02 Cable,SERCOS,6ft obsolete
C005-0001 Cable,CAT5,MicroD/MicroD,200mm obsolete
C005-0002 Cable,CAT5,MicroD/MicroD,1.2m obsolete
C005-0003 Cable,CAT5,MicroD/MicroD,10m obsolete
C005-0004 Cable, CAT5, MicroD/MicroD,3m obsolete
C005-0005 Cable,CAT5,µD/µD,EMI,10m obsolete
C005-0006 Cable,CAT5,µD/µD,EMI,3m obsolete
C006-0001 Cable,CAT5,MicroD/RJ45,1.2m obsolete
C006-0002 Cable,CAT5,MicroD/RJ45,10m obsolete
C006-0003 Cable,CAT5,MicroD/RJ45,3m obsolete
C006-0004 Cable,CAT5,MicroD/RJ45,EMI,3m obsolete
C006-0005 Cable,CAT5,MicroD/RJ45,EMI,10m obsolete
C007-0001 Cable,CAT5,RJ45/RJ45,1.2m obsolete
C007-0002 Cable,CAT5,RJ45/RJ45,3m obsolete
C007-0003 Cable,CAT5,RJ45/RJ45,10m obsolete
C007-0004 Cable,CAT5,RJ45/RJ45,EMI,3m obsolete
C007-0005 Cable,CAT5,RJ45/RJ45,EMI,10m obsolete
M001-0070 Guide,Quick Start,XMP obsolete
M001-0071 Guide,Quick Start,SQ obsolete
M005-0001 Kit,Developers,Motion,XMP obsolete
T001-0003 TA,XMP-CPCI-8C-5V obsolete
T001-0004 TA,XMP-CPCI-8-24V obsolete
T001-0005 TA,XMP-CPCI-12-24V,FM obsolete
T001-0006 TA,XMP-CPCI-16C-24V obsolete
T001-0007 TA,XMP-CPCI-EXP-4SE4ST obsolete
T001-0008 TA,XMP-CPCI-EXP-4ST obsolete
T001-0014 TA,XMP-CPCI-8C-24V obsolete
T001-0015 TA,XMP-CPCI-12C-24V obsolete
T001-0017 TA,XMP-CPCI-4-24V-NOADC obsolete
T001-0022 TA,XMP-CPCI-12-24V obsolete
T001-0023 TA,XMP-CPCI-3U-4-5V,ATD2 obsolete
T001-0024 TA,XMP-CPCI-3U-4-5V,ATD3 obselete
T001-0025 TA,XMP-CPCI-EXP-8C-24V obsolete
T001-0027 TA,XMP-CPCI-3U-4-5V,FRONT I/O obsolete
T001-0029 TA,XMP-CPCI-3U-4-5V,ATD4 obselete
T002-0001 TA,ProVME/OptoVME,w/key,CVD SW obselete
T002-0003 TA,VMESA,Mated assy obsolete
T002-0004 TA,V6UR4/OptoVME-800,MatedAssy obselete
T002-0005 TA,V6U/DSP-800 with bracket obsolete
T002-0006 TA,DSPproVME-800 with bracket obsolete
T002-0007 TA,ProVME/OptoVME,w/key,CVD SW obselete
T003-0001 TA,XMP-PCI-8C-5V obsolete
T003-0002 TA,XMP-PCI-8C-24V obsolete
T003-0004 TA,XMP-PCI-16C-24V obsolete
T003-0005 TA,XMP-PCI-4C-24V obsolete
T003-0006 TA,XMP-PCI-4C-5V obsolete
T003-0008 TA,XMP-PCI-8C-5V W/SIM4 VOLTAG obsolete
T004-0001 TA,XMP-CPCI-SERCOS-S3 obsolete
T004-0003 TA,XMP-SERCOS-PMC-8 obsolete
T004-0006 TA,XMP-SERCOS-PCI-S2-816 obselete
T004-0007 TA,XMP-SERCOS-PCI-S1-816 obsolete
T007-0001 TA,QuickStart Package obsolete
T008-0000 TA,eXMP-SynqNet,Base obsolete
T008-0002 TA,eXMP-SQ,VxW,V5.5,64MB obsolete
T008-0003 TA,eXMP-SQ-CAN,VxW,V5.5,64MB obsolete
T008-0004 TA,eXMP-SQ-CAN,Lx2.4.20-8,64MB obsolete
T008-0005 TA,EXMP-SQ,XPe,512MBCF obsolete
T008-0006 TA,eXMP-SQ,Lnx,2.4.20-8,64MB obsolete
T008-0007 TA,EXMP-SQ,XPe,512MBCF,OEM obselete
T008-2001 TA,eXMP-LCF-8 obselete
T008-2002 eXMP-Analog-LCF-8, over/under obsolete
T008-2003 EXMP-ANALOG-LCF-8,Internal LCF obselete
T008-2004 EXMP-ANALOG-LCF-8,External LCF obselete
T009-0002 TA,XMP-SYNQNET-PMC obsolete
T010-0004 TA,RMB-10V2-SYNQNET-4C-5V obsolete
T010-0005 TA,RMB-10V2-SYNQNET-4C-24V obsolete
T010-0006 TA,RMB-10V2-SYNQNET-4-5V obsolete
T010-0007 TA,RMB-10V2-SYNQNET-4-24V obsolete
T010-0008 TA,RMB-10V2-SQ-4C-5V,RA,NOHOUS obsolete
T011-0003 TA,XMP-SYNQNET-CPCI-µD obsolete
T011-0004 TA,XMP-SYNQNET-CPCI-RJ-CAN obsolete
T013-0001 TA,RMB-STI-Synqnet-4se4st obsolete
T013-0002 TA,RMB-STI-SynqNet-4 obsolete
T014-0001 TA,XMP-SYNQNET-PCI-RJ-CAN obsolete
T014-0002 TA,XMP-SYNQNET-PCI-RJ obsolete
T015-0001 TA,ZMP-SYNQNET-PCI-RJ-FAN obsolete
T016-0001 TA,XMP-SYNQNET-CPCI-3U-4-ECP obsolete
T016-0002 TA,XMP-SYNQNET-CPCI-3U-32-ECP obsolete
T019-0001 SQIO-SQID-RAFT-RJ-VERT obselete
T019-0002 SQIO-SQID-RACK-RJ-RA obsolete
T019-0003 SQIO-SQID-RAFT-UD-VERT obsolete
T019-0004 SQIO-SQID-RAFT-RJ-VERT-300 obsolete
T020-0001 SQIO-DIN32DOUT32-RAFT obselete
T021-0001 SQIO-ADC4-DAC4-RAFT obselete
T022-0001 SQIO-MixedModule1 obselete
T022-0002 SQIO-MixedModule1-standard obselete
T024-0001 SQIO-HSIN32 obselete
T100-0001 TA,XMP-SynqNet-CPCI-NM obsolete
T100-0002 TA,XMP-SynqNet-CPCI-NM,no BRKT obsolete
T108-0000 eXMP-SQ,Base,RoHS obsolete
T108-0002 eXMP-SQ,RoHS obsolete
T108-0003 eXMP-SQ-Can,RoHS obsolete
T108-0004 eXMP-SQ-Can-Linux, RoHS obsolete
T108-0005 eXMP-SQ,XPe,512MBCF, RoHS obsolete
T108-0006 eXMP-SQ,Lnx,2.4.20-8,64MB, RoHS obsolete
T108-2001 eXMP-LCF-8,RoHS obsolete
T110-0004 RMB-10V2-SQ-4C-5V, RoHS obsolete
T110-0005 RMB-10V2-SQ-4C-24V, RoHS obsolete
T110-0006 RMB-10V2-SQ-4-5V, RoHS obsolete
T110-0007 RMB-10V2-SQ-4-24V, RoHS obsolete
T110-0008 RMB-10V2-SQ-4C-5V,RA,NOHS, RoHS obsolete
T111-0003 XMP-SYNQNET-CPCI-µD, RoHs obsolete
T111-0004 XMP-SQ-CPCI-RJ-CAN, RoHS obsolete
T113-0001 RMB-STI-Synqnet-4se4st, RoHs obsolete
T113-0002 RMB-STI-SynqNet-4, RoHs obsolete
T114-0001 XMP-SQ-PCI-RJ-CAN, RoHS obsolete
T114-0002 XMP-SYNQNET-PCI-RJ, RoHS obselete
T114-0003 XMP-SQ-PCI-RJ-CAN,NonOp, RoHS obsolete
T115-0001 ZMP-SynqNet-PCI-RJ, RoHS obselete
T115-0005 ZMP-SynqNet-PCI-RJ-LT, RoHS (266MHz) active
T115-0006 ZMP-SynqNet-PCI-RJ, RoHS (400MHz) obselete
T119-0001 SQIO-SQID-RAFT-RJ-VRT, RoHS obsolete
T119-0002 SQIO-SQID-RACK-RJ-RA, RoHS obsolete
T119-0003 SQIO-SQID-RAFT-UD-VRT, RoHS obsolete
T119-0004 SQIO-SQID-RAFT-RJ-VRT-300, RoHS obsolete
T120-0001 SQIO-DIN32DOUT32-RAFT, RoHS obsolete
T121-0001 SQIO-ADC4-DAC4-RAFT, RoHS obsolete
T122-0002 SQIO-MixedModule1-Std, RoHS obsolete
T125-0001 XMP-SynqNet-CPCI-NM, RoHS obsolete
T125-0002 XMP-SynqNet-CPCI-NM, RoHS, no BR obsolete
T126-0001 eZMP-SQ,800MHz,256MB RAM obselete
T126-0004 eZMP-SQ,XPe,1.6GHz,0190-33992 obselete
T126-0005 eZMP-SQ,XPe,1.6GHz,0190-38176 obselete
T126-0006 eZMP-SQ,XPe,1.6GHz,1GB RAM obselete
T127-0001 ZMP-SYNQNET-CPCI-3U-UD obsolete
T127-0005 ZMP-SYNQNET-CPCI-3U-UD obselete
T127-0006 ZMP-SYNQNET-CPCI-3U-UD-XIO-400MHZ obselete
T127-0007 ZMP-SYNQNET-CPCI-3U-RJ-400MHZ obselete
T131-0001 QMP-SYNQNET-PCI-RJ-1200 active
T131-0002 QMP-SYNQNET-PCI-RJ-800 active
T134-0001 QMP-SYNQNET-GB-CPCI-3U-RJ-1200 active
T134-0002 QMP-SYNQNET-GB-CPCI-3U-RJ-800 active
T135-0001 QMP-SYNQNET-PCIe-RJ-1200 active
T135-0002 QMP-SYNQNET-GB-PCIe-RJ-800 active
SynqNet I/O Network Adapter active
CANopen Network Adapter obselete
4DI, sink, 5Vdc active
4DI, source, 5Vdc active
4DI, sink, 24Vdc active
4DI, source, 24Vdc active
4DI, sink, 48Vdc active
4DI, source, 48Vdc active
8DI, sink, 24Vdc active
8DI, source, 24Vdc active
16DI, sink, 24Vdc, 20pin active
16DI, source, 24Vdc, 20pin active
4DI, 110Vac active
4DI, 220Vac active
4DO, CMOS inverting, MOSFET, 5Vdc, 20mA active
4DO, CMOS non-inverting, MOSFET, 5Vdc, 20mA active
4DO, sink, MOSFET, 24Vdc, 0.5A active
4DO, source, MOSFET, 24Vdc, 0.5A active
8DO, sink, MOSFET, 24Vdc, 0.5A active
8DO, source, MOSFET, 24Vdc, 0.5A active
16DO, sink, 24Vdc, 0.3A, 20pin active
16DO, source, 24Vdc, 0.3A, 20 pin active
4DO, sink, MOSFET, diag., 24Vdc, 0.5A active
4DO, source, MOSFET, diag., 24Vdc, 0.5A active
4DO, sink, MOSFET, diag., 24Vdc, 2.0A active
4DO, source, MOSFET, diag., 24Vdc, 2.0A active
2DO, Relay, 230VAC, 24Vdc, 2.0A active
2DO, Triac, 15~132AC, 0.5A active
4AI, Current, 0~20mA, single ended, 12bit active
4AI, Current, 4~20mA, single ended, 12bit active
4AI, Current, 0~20mA, single ended, 14bit active
4AI, Current, 4~20mA, single ended, 14bit active
4AI, Voltage, 0~10Vdc, single ended, 12bit active
4AI, Voltage, -10~10Vdc, single ended, 12bit active
4AI, Voltage, 0~10Vdc, single ended, 14bit active
4AI, Voltage, -10~10Vdc, single ended, 14bit active
2AI, RTD: PT100,JPT100 300Ohm (10mOhm/bit) active
4AI, Voltage, 0~5Vdc, single ended, 12bit active
2AI, Thermocouple: 30mV (1uV/bit) active
4AI, Voltage, 0~5Vdc, single ended, 14bit active
2AO, 0~20mA, single ended, 12bit active
2AO, 4~20mA, single ended, 14bit active
2AO, Voltage, 0~10V, 12bit active
2AO, Voltage, -10~10V, 12bit active
2AO, Voltage, 0~5V, 12bit active
Field Power Supply 10A (24Vdc) active
Field Power Distributor 10A (24/48Vdc, 110/220Vac) active
Potential Distribution, 8ch, 0V active
Potential Distribution, 8ch, 24Vdc active
Removable Terminal Block active
End Module active
Markers (0-9), White active
Markers (blank), White active
DeviceNet/CANOpen Connector active
Counter; High Speed, 1 Channel; 5V active
Counter; High Speed, 1 Channel; 24V active


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