TSIO-8002; Field Power Distributor

Field Power Distributor 10A
(Arbitrary 5Vdc, 24Vdc, 48Vdc, 110Vac, 220Vac)

  • The module is an expansion field power distributor.

  • If you have a slice I/O setup that has slices with different voltage requirements, you can use the TSIO-8002 to change the distributed voltage. See diagram below.

  • See System Power, Field Power, Shield

  • Used for Field Power isolation. System power is not affected and is passed through from the network adapter.



Input Specification
Inputs Voltage Range 11 ~ 28.8Vdc
System Power Input Voltage Normal Input 24Vdc
Field Power Input Voltage Arbitrary 5Vdc, 24Vdc, 48Vdc, 110Vac, 220Vac
Fn-Bus Output Voltage 5Vdc, 1A
Field Power Connector Current Max. 10A
Operating Temperature –20 to +60°C
Storage Temperature –45 to +85°C

Output Specification
Logic Power Dissipation Expansion Power Supply
I/O Cables Max. AWG 14
Weight 70g
Module Size 67mm x 12mm x 95mm
(H x W x L)


Pin No.
No Connect
No Connect
Chassis Ground
Chassis Ground
Field Power (Arbitrary)
Field Power (Arbitrary)
Field Power (Arbitrary)
Field Power (Arbitrary)


Wiring Example

In the wiring example below, the TSIO-8002 is used to change the output voltage of the field power contacts from 12Vdc to 24Vdc to 48Vdc. The addition of a TSIO-8002 slice does not generate new system power. System power is passed through from the network adapter across the Fn-Bus contacts.

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