Network Power, Field Power, Shield

Network Power

Network Power is nominally 24V. This provides power to drive the logic in the network adapter and the logic on each of the slices. Always connect 24V to the network power.

Field Power

Field power does not have any nominal voltage. It provides power connections to the opto-isolated side of the slices. Be careful when attaching slices with different field power ratings. The distributed field power cannot change from 24Vdc to 48Vdc (vice-versa) without a power distributor. In order to change the distributed field power voltage, you must use the TSIO-8002 slice before attaching a slice(s) of different voltage.

The maximum voltage that can be supplied to the field power connections on the TSIO-1001 is 28Vdc. To provide field power to slices in excess of 28Vdc you must use the TSIO-8002 field power distributor.

TSIO-8002: Field Power Distributor

An example is shown in the diagram below. Note that the 24Vdc slices are grouped together and the 48Vdc slices are grouped together. The TSIO-8002 is used to change the field power voltage between each group of slices.


The shield connection on the network adapter and slice connects to the DIN rail on the bottom side of the unit.



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