System Requirements
Hardware and Electrical Requirements
Enclosure Dimensions and Weight
Mounting Instructions
Variations of the eXMP

Using SynqNet over Client-Server
Automatically run Server at eXMP startup

SynqNet Interface Cables
SynqNet Cable Requirements
SynqNet Custom Cable Guidelines

Connector Pinouts
Ethernet RJ-45
SynqNet RJ-45
User I/O
Com 2
Com 1 / Console
Com 1-4


Temperature Monitoring
Using the MPI to Check Temperature



Are you looking for the eXMP-LCF Analog controller?

For pinout information, see eXMP-LCF Analog.


Windows XP Embedded (XPe)    New!
Quick Start Guide
XP Embedded Revision History
Reading XP Embedded Image Version
Setting the Date and Time using Hyperterminal
Safely Shutting Down WinXP Embedded
Checking Disk for Errors with WinXP Embedded

Quick Start Guide
Board Support Package Guide
Linux Release Note
Downloading firmware and FPGA images
Using FTP over Windows to access an eXMP

Quick Start Guide
VxWorks Release Note
Downloading a new VxWorks image to the CF card
Setting the Date and Time using Hyperterminal

Wiring I/O for an eXMP-SynqNet
Motion System

General Controller I/O Specifications
Connect eXMP User I/O


Are you shutting down your
eXMP running WinXPe correctly?

See Safely Shutting Down WinXP Embedded for details.

Problems Connecting?

For the eXMP to communicate with devices on a TCP/IP network, the subnets on the eXMP and host network must match. The eXMP is pre-configured with the IP address, which can be used to access it during the initial configuration. During the initial configuration, it is necessary to temporarily change the IP address of your host computer to one in the same subnet as the eXMP. For example, set the IP address of your host computer to If your local subnet is anything other than 192.168.1.XXX, you will not be able to communicate with the eXMP. Another option is to use a serial cable and console adapter to change the subnet and/or IP address of the eXMP to match your host computer. The Quick Start Guides contains step-by-step instructions on changing the eXMP's IP address.

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