XP Embedded Revision History

Rev 1.2

Add command line tools
The following Microsoft command line tools have been added to the image:

     shutdown.exe - safely shutdown the computer
     chkdsk.exe - checks disk integrity and displays status
     chkntfs.exe - displays or modifies disk checking at boot time

It is strongly recommended to use shutdown.exe or Alt+F4 (from Remote Desktop) to safely shutdown the XP embedded Operating System to preserve the Compact Flash integrity. For more information, please see Safely Shutting Down WinXP Embedded on an eXMP-SynqNet.

Automatic Check Disk at Boot Time
At boot time, the XP embedded OS will check the C:\ drive's (Compact Flash) integrity. If there are any errors, chkdsk will automatically correct the corruptions and re-boot the eXMP. If there are no errors, the boot time will be the same as previous XP embedded Revisions. If there are errors, the chkdsk will typically require 10~30 seconds to correct them and then re-boot the eXMP. The results of a chkdsk will be logged to C:\bootex.log. See Checking Disk for Errors with WinXP Embedded.

Change File System to NTFS
The file system was changed from FAT16 to NTFS. This change was necessary to support the automatic chkdsk at boot time. NTFS is journaled, which decreases data loss and is more resistant to file fragmentation. NTFS also supports file compression, but it is not recommended due to increased writes to the Compact Flash.


Rev 1.1

Add backup account
XP embedded requires passwords for account access via Remote Desktop. Ironically, it does allow users to set the password to NULL (no password), which would make future account login via Remote Desktop impossible. A back-up user account was added to provide a way to recover:

     User Name: mei
     Password: exmp

Add version to XPe image
The XP embedded image version is located in the file WERUNTIME.INI (root directory). To read the version, open WERUNTIME.INI with Notepad and find the keyword RunTimeOEMRev.

Default automatic logon
In the previous image, the default automatic logon was:

     User Name: EXMP

Since the Rev 1.0 image did not have an EXMP account, the automatic logon did not work. To fix the problem with Rev 1.0, use the registry editor to configure the default automatic logon for the Administrator account (Password: exmp). For more information, see the Microsoft website.

The default automatic logon has been changed to:

     User Name: Administrator
     Password: exmp

Send IP address information to COM1 (console) at boot
The start1.bat file has been modified to call ipinfo.bat, which will send IP configuration information to COM1 (console). This is useful for determining the eXMP’s IP address, if the computer name or IP address is unknown. Please DO NOT remove this call from the batch file.

Rev 1.0 – Initial Release



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