Note: The QMP-SynqNet controllers require MPI 04.02 or later.

Note: The QMP-LT SynqNet controllers require MPI 04.04.11 or later.

Note: PCI-to-PCI Express Bridge Interoperability Issues in Some Windows Platforms. If your QMP is disabled or not working,
click here for more information.


QMP-LT Controllers

About QMP-LT (400) Controllers

System Requirements
Hardware and Electrical Requirements
General Controller I/O Specifications
Monitoring Fan Operation

Select a SynqNet Controller


SynqNet Interface Cables
SynqNet Cable Requirements
SynqNet Custom Cable Guidelines

Controller (SynqNet) LEDs
Node LEDs
How to use LEDs to find Cable Problems

Connector Pinouts

Controller I/O
     - HD15
     - RJ-45

Related Hardware Pinouts
RMB-10V-SynqNet (for analog)
SynqNet Drives


QMP-SynqNet Quick Start Guide


Installing a QMP-SynqNet Motion System
General Controller I/O Specifications
Connect QMP Controller I/O

FPGA Images
Overview of Controller FPGA Images
Overview of Node FPGA Images
Drive FPGA Images
Controller FPGA Images Table
Node FPGA Images: Identification Table
Node FPGA Images: Features Table (runtime)

SynqNet Partners
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