QMP-SynqNet-PCI: Monitoring Fan Operation


The fan [Dynatron Corp: V12-R1] used on the QMP-SynqNet-PCI only operates when the thermal temperature of the board reaches a certain level.

Since fans have a limited lifespan, it is recommended that you monitor the status bit of the fan in your application. In the event of a fan failure, an event or interrupt should be sent to the host to ensure that the necessary precautions can be made to maintain system integrity.

A systemData(controller).Status bit is set if the Fan Controller detects an error (over temp, etc...). This status bit can be configured to interrupt the host. The host can use a new MPI function to read the fan controller's status words to determine the cause of the alarm.

Interrupt code in firmware is always active, so if a problem occurs, the interrupt will also occur and the firmware will set the appropriate systemData.Status bit. If the user wants the firmware to notify the host, the user can use the ControlNotify functions in the MPI. The user can use the ControlStatus functions in the MPI to check the fan controller status.


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