typedef struct MPICaptureConfig {
        MPICaptureType          type;                    /* POSITION or TIME */
        MPICaptureMode          mode;                    /* SINGLE_SHOT or AUTO_ARM */
        long                    feedbackMotorNumber;     /* must be same as motor.motorNumber for POSITION mode */
        MPIMotorFeedbackInput   feedbackInput;           /* PRIMARY or SECONDARY */
        long                    engineNumber;            /* capture engine number */
MPICaptureTriggerLogic triggerLogic; MPICaptureTriggerType triggerType;
MPICaptureMotor motor; /* Use only if triggerType is MPICaptureTriggerTypeMOTOR */ MPICaptureSqNode sqNode; /* Use only if triggerType is MPICaptureTriggerTypeSQNODE */ MPICaptureDirect direct; /* Use only if triggerType is MPICaptureTriggerTypeDIRECT */ } MPICaptureConfig;

Required Header: capture.h

Change History: Modified in 04.00.


MPICaptureConfig is the top-level configuration structure for a capture engine. MPICaptureConfig specifies the capture configurations for the input triggerss, feedback source, operation mode, and hardware capture engine number.

type MPICaptureType indicating a position-based or time-based capture.
mode MPICaptureMode indicating single-shot or auto-arm triggering mode.
feedbackMotorNumber The feeback motor number. This must be the same as the source.number for POSITION mode.
feedbackInput Primary or secondary.
engineNumber The capture engine number.
triggerLogic MPICaptureTriggerLogic structure configuring the trigger logic.
triggerType MPICaptureTriggerType structure configuring the trigger type.
motor MPICaptureMotor stucture. Only used if triggerType is MPICaptureTriggerTypeMOTOR.
sqNode MPICaptureSqNode structure. Only used if triggerType is MPICaptureTriggerTypeSQNODE.
direct MPICaptureDirect direct structure. Only used if triggerType is MPICaptureTriggerTypeDIRECT.

The FPGA build options allow from 1 to 8 capture logic engines within each capture module.  All capture engines within a module share the same trigger and data sources.

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