typedef enum MPICaptureTriggerLogic {
        MPICaptureTriggerLogicINVALID = -1,
MPICaptureTriggerLogicEND, MPICaptureTriggerLogicFIRST = MPICaptureTriggerLogicINVALID + 1, MPICaptureTriggerLogicCOUNT = MPICaptureTriggerLogicFIRST - MPICaptureTriggerLogicEND } MPICaptureTriggerLogic;

Required Header: capture.h

Change History: Added in 04.00.


MPICaptureTriggerLogic enumerations are used to configure the logic between the primary trigger and the preCondition. When the trigger and preCondition logic conditions are met, the capture activates.

MPICaptureTriggerLogicINVALID Trigger logic is invalid.
MPICaptureTriggerLogicIGNORE_PRECONDITION Capture is triggered by the trigger source edge only. The PreCondition source edge is ignored. Also known as trigger edge event mode.
MPICaptureTriggerLogicAFTER_PRECONDITION_EDGE Each trigger event requires a new PreCondition edge followed by a new Trigger edge (if both edges occur at the same time, no trigger event is generated - unless a subsequent trigger edge occurs. The same time resolves to a single clock tick in teh logic: 40ns for standard SynqNet nodes).
MPICaptureTriggerLogicWHILE_PRECONDITION_SOURCE_IS_TRUE The PreCondition source must be TRUE to create a trigger event (the PreCondition edge detect logic is bypassed).
MPICaptureTriggerLogicWHILE_PRECONDITION_SOURCE_IS_FALSE The PreCondition source must be FALSE to create a trigger event (the PreCondition edge detect logic is bypassed).