mpiCaptureConfigSet(MPICapture               capture,
                       const MPICaptureConfig   *config);

Required Header: capture.h

Change History: Added in 04.00.


mpiCaptureConfigSet sets a Capture object's (capture) configuration using data from the structure pointed to by config. If a capture was previously configured (non-default), use mpiCaptureConfigReset() to return the capture to the default configuration before calling mpiCaptureConfigGet() and mpiCaptureConfigSet(). Or if you do not call mpiCaptureConfigReset(), make sure that all members of the MPICaptureConfig{} structure are explicitly set before calling mpiCaptureConfigSet().

Note: Do not reconfigure the source (trigger) capture resource with different settings by using different MPICapture objects. Time-based capture allows you to capture multiple encoder positions using the same trigger.

Currently, each motor only has one trigger resource (i.e. one trigger whose trigger state may be configured). If MPICapture object 0 is configured to trigger off of motor 0's index line and MPICapture object 1 is configured to trigger off of motor 0's home input, only the capture trigger for motor 0 will have been reconfigured. Both MPICapture object 0 and MPICapture object 1 will trigger motor 0's home input.

capture Capture handle of Capture object.
config The capture is configured using the data in this structure.
Return Values

See Also

mpiCaptureConfigGet | mpiCaptureConfigReset | MPICaptureConfig