Controller Requirements for MechaWare 04.00.xx

This section describes the controller requirements for MechaWare 4.0. These requirements must be satisfied before using MechaWare.

MPI Software

MechaWare requires installation of the corresponding MPI release to enable the system to download models to controller hardware. Before using MechaWare, verify that your system has the appropriate MPI library installed.

Note: The MPI 4.0 library must be installed before installing MechaWare!

The MechaWare release is compatible with a specific MPI release that contains the version matched firmware file. For more information about instructions on installing the MPI Library before downloading the MechaWare firmware and model to the controller, see Installing the Motion Development Kit (MDK).

MechaWare Firmware

MechaWare requires installation of the appropriate MechaWare Firmware file onto the controller. Download the MechaWare Firmware by using the Flash.exe utility. For more information about compatible MechaWare firmware versions and using the Flash Utility, see Controller Firmware and Flash Utility

Controller Hardware

To use MechaWare with a controller, the controller must be properly licensed and configured. Verify the controller hardware supports MechaWare by using the Version.exe Utility to view the controller configuration as shown below. The License section displays the features that are supported by the controller. If Feature: MechaWare is displayed, the controller is properly licensed and configured. For more information, see Version Utility.



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