The Version Utility displays version and license information about the motion controller card, as well as the current version of the installed MPI DLL file. The License section displays the features that are supported by the controller, such as the number of axes, MPI, or other utilities such as MechaWare. For example, If Feature: MechaWare is displayed, the controller is properly licensed and configured to use MechaWare.


for Windows:

At the command line, type one of the following options:
         ex: C:\mei\XMP\bin\>version -control 1

version [-control n] [-server host [-port portId]]

for VxWorks:

At the command line, type one of the following options:
         ex: C:\mei\XMP\bin\>ver "-control","1"

ver [-control n] [-server host [-port portId]]


For information about how to interpret the SqNode version output data, please refer to MEISqNodeInfo.

-control n Specifies that controller n in the machine is to be used.
NOTE: Controller 0 is the first controller in a machine.
-server host Connects to a remote machine whose name or IP address is host.
NOTE: The host must be running the server utility.
-port portId

Specifies that TCP/IP port portId is to be used for the server connection.


C:Mei\Xmp\Bin\>version -control 1
C:Mei\Xmp\Bin\>version -server Jupiter



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