SynqNet Topology Test

The SynqNet topology test verifies that the discovered network matches the network topology stored in the controller’s dynamic memory. As a safety precaution, the controller cannot invoke Automatic Initialization Routine until this test has been passed.

The topology information in the controller’s dynamic memory is either:

  • Stored from a previous initialization
  • Loaded from flash memory at power-on/reset (topology saved to flash)
  • Not initialized (topology not saved to flash).

In the last case, when the topology has NOT previously been initialized, the SynqNet Topology Test will “Pass” and the initialization routine will transition into Default Initialization Routine.

In the former two cases, where the controller’s topology information has been initialized, information gathered during SynqNet discovery is tested. The test verifies the following network information:

  • Network topology (ring or string)
  • Cable lengths
  • Node count
  • Node vendor device number
  • Node product identification number
  • Node product option number
  • Node I/O checksum

If all of the above information matches, the SynqNet Topology Test "Passes," and Automatic Initialization Routine can proceed. If the information does NOT match, the SynqNet Topology Test "Fails," and one of the following error codes are returned:



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