Default Initialization Routine

The default initialization routine is invoked when there is no topology information available in controller memory. In this case, the motion system has discovered an “unknown” network topology and cannot assume anything about the safety of the current configuration.

For an “unknown” network, the default node configurations are sent to the nodes during initialization. The default node configurations are the safest possible for the given node type.

In order to avoid any residual network configurations from previous initializations, the network internals are completely erased and a new SynqNet configuration is built from scratch. This requires the MPI to:

  • Request default node resource information from each node on the network.
  • Reallocate all dynamically allocated buffers on the controller.
  • Calculate network timing values.
  • Transition to SYNQ mode.
  • Transmit the default configurations to the nodes.
  • Initiate Drive-specific initialization routines.

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