MPI 04.00 Reference >> mpiMotion



typedef struct MPIMotionPathAttributes {
    MPIMotionPathBehaviorType    behavior;
    int32_t                      id;
    int32_t                      *elementIDs;
    int32_t                      emptyCount;
    int32_t                      lowCount;
    MPIMotionAxisMap           expectedAxes;
    MPIMotionHold              hold;
    int32_t                      outputCount;
    MPIMotionOutput            *outputs;
} MPIMotionPathAttributes;


Required Header: stdmpi.h

Change History: Added in 04.00.


MPIMotionPathAttributes holds values for motion attributes selected by MPIMotionPathAttrMask.

id The value to put into each axis’s MoveI d field when the motion starts.
*elementIDs And array of values to fill into each axis’s Element Id field when that segment of the path is reached. The length of the array must be equal to the point count.
emptyCount Number of points in the controller’s buffer below which to trigger an E_STOP and MOTION_OUT_OF_FRAMES event.
lowCount Number of points in the controller’s buffer below which to request more frames from the host.
hold A pointer to the hold configuration for all axes. For more information, see MPIMotionAttrHold.
outputCount The length of outputs array.
*outputs The output configurations.For more information, see MPIMotionAttrOutput.