int32_t mpiGeometricPathToPTPoints (MPIGeometricPath    path,
                                 MPIMotionPTPoint    **point,
                                 int32_t*               pointCount,
                                 int32_t**              elementIDs);

Required Header: stdmpi.h

Change History: Added in 04.00.


mpiGeometricPathToPTPoints calculates a list of points from the path object and writes them into an MPIMotionPTPoint array, and puts the address of the array into the contents of point. The length of the array is written to pointCount. After the motion points are generated, they can be passed to any of the Path Motion methods that accept MPIMotionPTPoints, including mpiMotionPTMove(…), mpiMotionBesselMove(…), mpiMotionSplineMove(…), and mpiMotionBSpline2Move(…).

To create a path, use mpiGeometricPathCreate(...) to create a path object. Initialize the path parameters with mpiGeometricPathParamsGet(...) / mpiGeometricPathParamsSet(...). Then add path elements (line, arc, etc.) with mpiGeometricPathAppend(...). After calling mpiGeometricPathToPTPoints(...), call the appropriate path move function. Finally, clean up by calling mpiGeomericPathDelete(...).

WARNING! The buffer pointed to by point is contained within the path object. Repeated calls to mpiGeometricPathToPTPoints overwrites this array.

path A handle to a MPIGeometricPath object.
**points A pointer to array of MPIMotionPTPoint structures.
*pointCoint A pointer to the length of the MPIMotionPTPoint array.
**elementIDs A pointer to a array of elementIDs, suitable for use with MPIGeometricPathMotionAttrMaskELEMENT_IDS.
Return Values

See Also

mpiGeometricPathCreate | mpiGeometricPathParamsGet | mpiGeometricPathParamsSet | mpiGeometricPathAppend | mpiGeometricPathDelete