int32_t mpiGeometricPathAppend(MPIGeometricPath                          path,
                            const MPIGeometricPathElement             *element,
                            MPIGeometricPathElementAttrMask           attrMask,
                            const MPIGeometricPathElementAttributes   *attributes);

Required Header: stdmpi.h

Change History: Added in 04.00.


mpiGeometricPathAppend adds an array of path elements pointed to by element to the end of the path stored in the GeometricPath object. If attrMask is not MPIGeometricPathAttrMaskNONE, the appropriate fields in attributes are used.

path A handle to a Path object.
*element A pointer to a MPIGeometricPathElement structure
attrMask An MPIGeometricElementAttrMask describing which attributes to override.
*attributes An MPIGeometricPathElementAttributes structure, containing attribute values for the specified element
Return Values

See Also

mpiGeometricPathCreate | mpiGeometricPathSimpleAppend