int32_t mpiFilterIntegratorReset(MPIFilter filter)


Required Header: stdmpi.h

Change History: Modified in 04.00.


mpiFilterIntegratorReset resets the integrators of filter.

If an axis is not in an error state and the filter associated with that axis' motor has a non-zero integration term, then it is very likely that the integrator has built up a substantial integral term. Enabling the motor's amplifier when this has happened could cause the motor to jump with enormous force. Use mpiFilterIntegratorReset to reset the integrator before enabling the motor's amplifier to prevent this kind of jump.

Another condition that can cause the motor to jump upon enabling its amplifier is that the command position of the axis is not equal to the actual position of the axis. To prevent this situation, one should use mpiAxisActualPositionGet and mpiAxisCommandPositionSet. Please refer to these functions for a more in-depth discussion.

Return Values

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