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typedef struct MPIMotorLimitConfig {
          MPI_BOOL              enable;
          MPIAction             action;
          double                duration; /* seconds */
          MPIMotorLimitTrigger  trigger;
} MPIMotorLimitConfig;


Required Header: stdmpi.h

Change History: Modified in 04.00 (formerly MPIMotorEventConfig) and 03.03.00..


MPIMotorLimitConfig is a structure used to configure the motor limits.

The controller’s motor limits are safety features to protect the machine when exceeding specifiable limits for position error, torque, position range, hardware limit switches, feedback faults, amplifier faults, and warnings.

enable Limit is processed or not processed by the controller. TRUE = Enabled, FALSE = Disabled. For optimum performance, disable any unused limits.
action The action to be taken on the associated axis when the event is triggered (when the limit status changes from FALSE to TRUE).
duration The amount of time that the limit (e.g. Position Error, Torque, Pos. and Neg. limits) must be asserted before the action and event is generated. Value in seconds.
trigger The trigger conditions for a limit.

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