MPIMotorLimitConfig and Motor Limit Configuration

Two fields, directionFlag and duration, are built into the MPIMotorLimitConfig{} structure. From motor.h:

typedef enum {
    MPIMotorEncoderFaultMaskNONE     = 0x0,

    MPIMotorEncoderFaultMaskBW_DET   = mpiMotorEncoderFaultMaskBIT(MPIMotorEncoderFaultBW_DET),
    MPIMotorEncoderFaultMaskILL_DET  = mpiMotorEncoderFaultMaskBIT(MPIMotorEncoderFaultILL_DET),
    MPIMotorEncoderFaultMaskABS_ERR  = mpiMotorEncoderFaultMaskBIT(MPIMotorEncoderFaultABS_ERR),

    MPIMotorEncoderFaultMaskALL      = (mpiMotorEncoderFaultMaskBIT(MPIMotorEncoderFaultLAST) - 1)
} MPIMotorEncoderFaultMask;

typedef union {
    long	polarity;	/* 0 => active low, else active high */
    long	position;	/* MPIEventTypeLIMIT_SW_[POS|NEG] */
    float	error;		/* MPIEventTypeLIMIT_ERROR */
    long	mask;		/* MPIEventTypeENCODER_FAULT */
} MPIMotorLimitTrigger;

 typedef struct MPIMotorLimitConfig {
          MPI_BOOL              enable;
          MPIAction             action;
          double                duration; /* seconds */
          MPIMotorLimitTrigger  trigger;
      } MPIMotorLimitConfig;

The duration field may used in the configuration of all MPI Motor Events. A positive value for this field will require the limit condition to exist for duration seconds before an event will occur. This field is useful in overriding noisy limit inputs. For example, an overtravel limit with infrequent short (< 1msec) noise spikes on the limit input will ignore the noise of the limit is configured with a duration of 0.05. A spike whose duration was at least 0.05 seconds (50 milliseconds) would be required before an overtravel event would occur. The default value for duration is 0.0.

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