long meiSynqNetFlashTopologyClear(MEISynqNet    synqNet,
                                  MEIFlash      flash);
  Required Header: stdmei.h


meiSynqNetFlashTopologyClear will clear the topology information that is saved in the controller's flash memory by meiSynqNetTopologySave(...).

Executing this method will disable the controller from comparing the discovered network topology with the topology saved in flash memory. But, during network initialization, the MPI Library still compares the topology stored in the controller's dynamic memory with the discovered topology. In both cases, the default service commands are sent to the nodes if the network initialization transitions to SYNQ (cyclic) mode.

WARNING: This is a low-level network configuration routine that will clear any SqNode or Motor configurations that use service commands.

The meiSynqNetFlashTopologyClear method will:

  1. Shutdown the SynqNet network.
  2. Reset SqNode and Motor configurations to their defaults. See MPI Object Configurations that use Service Commands.
  3. Clear network topology information from Flash and Dynamic memory.
  4. Initialize the SynqNet network.

synqNet a handle to an MEISynqNet object whose network topology is to be cleared.
flash flash is either an MEIFlash handle or MPIHandleVOID. If flash is MPIHandleVOID, an MEIFlash object will be created and deleted internally. Using MPIHandleVOID is recommended, as it simplifies code.

If flash is a valid MEIFlash handle, then the MEIFlash object cache will be updated, but the actual write to controller flash will not occur. Use meiFlashMemoryFromFileType(...) to prompt the actual write to flash.

Return Values

See Also

Save/Clear Topology to Flash | meiSynqNetFlashTopologySave


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