About QMP-LT Controllers

The QMP-LT series controllers are a replacement for the ZMP controllers and provide perfomance benefits up to 3x faster depending on model and application specifics. Note MPI 04.04.11 or later is required for QMP-LT controllers.

QMP-LT controllers are available in three models:

Part Number
Hardware Specifications
QMP-SynqNet-PCI-RJ-400 QMP-SynqNet-PCI
QMP-SynqNet-GB-CPCI-3U-RJ-400 QMP-SynqNet-cPCI
QMP-SynqNet-GB-PCIe-RJ-400 QMP-SynqNet-PCIe




Performance Comparison

This measurement is intended to show relative performance between QMP and ZMP models. Actual performance in each application varies depending on axis count, control model, and background tasks. The above measurements were obtained by performing simple point-to-point motion on 8 axis of S200, using standard PID, and default events (faults).

FG usec
Relative Performance
ZMP-LT 266 MHz
164.3 100%
ZMP 466 MHz 110.3 149%
QMP-LT 400 MHz 36 456%
QMP 1200 MHz 13.6 1,208%







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