Kollmorgen Servostar CD SynqNet Drive


Servostar CD SynqNet Drive

The CD SynqNet is designed as a Torque drive, with torque command being provided at high servo update rates from the SynqNet™ controller. Extensive I/O support is provided, with both function-specific inputs, such as Limit Switches, Home and Brake, and numerous general purpose I/Os.

The CD drive is a 1-axis servo drive when using C0FE0027 FPGA.  When using the C0FE0034 FPGA the CD drive has an extra axis with pulse/dir outputs, which can be connected to an external pulse drive.

CD SynqNet Quick Start Guide v7 (1.01MB)

Drive FPGA Table
Monitoring Real-time Data from Drive
Drive Monitor Table
Config Structure
Error Status Codes

Drive Firmware - Download the latest drive firmware.
Accessing Drive Parameters over SynqNet
Converting Drive Current

For more information, please go to http://www.danahermotion.com


Drive FPGA Table

Node Type Option Valid FPGAs Name


Drive Monitor: Monitoring Real-time Data from Drive

Some data from the drive is not part of the standard MEI I/O. Although, it can be monitored in real-time from the drive. For more information on how to monitor real-time data from the drive, see Drive Monitor.

List of real-time monitor fields. This is a partial list of supported fields. Consult your drive manual for a complete list.

  • U Phase Current
  • V Phase Current
  • W Phase Current
  • Actual Torque
  • Analog Input 0
  • Analog Input 1

Drive Monitor Table

/* kollmorgen_cd.h */

 *  Drive Monitor Table

typedef enum CDMonitorIndex {
    CDMonitorIndexU_PHASE_CURRENT    =  0,
    CDMonitorIndexV_PHASE_CURRENT    =  1,
    CDMonitorIndexW_PHASE_CURRENT    =  2,
    CDMonitorIndexACTUAL_TORQUE      =  10,
    CDMonitorIndexANALOG_IN0         =  30,
    CDMonitorIndexANALOG_IN1         =  31,
} CDMonitorIndex;

Info Structure

/* kollmorgen_cd.h */

 * Drive Info Structure 

typedef struct CDDriveInfo {
    long dicont;     /* continuous rated current for drive */
    long dipeak;     /* peak rated current of the drive */
    long imax;       /* max current for the motor drive combination */
    long pwmfrq;     /* PWM frequency */
    long ver;        /* indicates the version of drive firmware to use */
} CDDriveInfo;

Config Structure

/* kollmorgen_cd.h */

 *	Drive Config Structure 

typedef struct CDDriveConfig {
    long mpitch;     /* Defines the pole-pitch of the motor and allow the drive to
                        be able to calculate other values. */
    long motortype;  /*       */
    long mipeak;     /* Sets the motor's peak rated current */
    long micont;     /* Sets the motor's continuous rated current */
    long mspeed;     /* Defines the maximum recommended velocity of the Motor */
    long mkt;        /* Motor torque constant */
    long mencres;    /* Displays the resolution of the motor encoder in number
                        of lines per revolution of the motor */
    long menctype;   /* Motor encoder type */
    long mencoff;    /* Sets the encoder index position */
    long mlmin;      /* Sets the motor's minimum line-to-line inductance */
    long mphase;     /* Defines the encoder phase relative to the "standard"
                        commutation table */
    long mpoles;     /* Sets the number of motor poles */
    long mbemfcomp;  /* Sets a back EMF compensation percentage value */
    long mlgainc;    /* Sets the current loop adaptive gain value at continuous
                        motor current */
    long mlgainp;    /* Sets the current loop adaptive gain value at peak
                        motor current */
    long mtanglc;    /* Sets the value of the torque-related commutation angle
                        advance at the motor's continuous current rating */
    long mtanglp;    /* Sets the value of the torque-related commutation angle
                        advance at the motor's peak current */
    long mvanglf;    /* Sets the value of the velocity-rated commutation angle
                        advance for when the motor is operating at motor max speed */
    long mvanglh;    /* Sets the value of vel-rated commutation angle advance for
                        when the motor is operating at half of the motor max speed */
    long mhinva;     /* HALL A inversion */
    long mhinvb;     /* HALL B inversion */
    long mhinvc;     /* HALL C inversion */
    long vbus;       /* Sets the drive bus voltage */
    long ilim;       /* Sets the application current limit */
    long icont;      /* Sets the system continuous current */
    long vlim;       /* Sets the application velocity limit. */
    long mfbdir;     /* Motor & feedback direction. */
    long anoff1;     /* Analog offset 1. */
    long anoff2;     /* Analog offset 2. */
    long initgain;   /* gain for encoder initalization. */
    long iencstart;  /* Maximum current for wake no shake. */
    long uvmode;     /* Action in in response to under-voltage. */
    long uvtime;     /* Under voltage warning time. */
    long uvrecover;  /* Recovery from under-voltage fault. */
    long thermode;   /* Action when motor thermostat opens. */
    long thermtype;  /* Motor temperature sensor type. */
    long izero;      /* Sets the ZERO mode current. */
} CDDriveConfig;

Error Status Codes

This is a quick list of error and status codes found on the 7-segment LED display on the CD SynqNet drive.

NOTE:This list is provided for the user's convenience. Please refer to the documentation from your drive supplier for the most current data.

Steady '2' Torque Mode: the drive is configured and ready to be enabled
Decimal point The decimal point is on when the drive is enabled
Flashing '2' When using MENCTYPE 4 (WNS encoder initialization), this indicates that the drive is configured and ready to be enabled. The encoder initialization process will begin when the drive is enabled.
Steady 'F' Drive in foldback (current limiting)
Flashing 'e' Flash memory checksum failure (at power up). Need to re-configure the drive's parameters and SAVE them in the flash memory.
(highest priority)
Flashing 'P' Over-current. This fault can only be cleared by cycling the power of the drive
Flashing 'o' Over-voltage
Flashing 't' Drive over-temperature
Flashing 'u' Under-voltage
Alternating '1'and minus sign (-) No comp: The drive is not configured. Load a configuration file and execute the CONFIG instruction.
E EEPROM fault. This is a hardware failure
Alternating 'A'and '1' Internal failure of positive analog supply voltage
Alternating 'A'and '2' Internal failure of negative analog supply voltage
Alternating 'c' and '1' SynqNet communications fault. Check that the SynqNet cables are in place.
Alternating 'r' and '4' Encoder wire break
Alternating 'r' and '6' Illegal Halls. A state of either '000' or '111' was detected on the Halls signals.
Alternating 'r' and '5' Index line break
Alternating '4' and minus sign (-) The commutation initialization process has failed. Read the WNSERR value (parameter 0x2F) to see what caused the failure.
Alternating 'r' and '1' and '0' EnDat communications fault. Check that the EnDat encoder is connected, or check the MENCTYPE parameter to verify that it is correctly set.
Alternating 'r' and '8' A/B out of range. For a sine encoder and a resolver, the drive checks that sin^2 + cos^2 = 1, within tolerance. This fault indicates that the signal amplitudes are out of tolerance. This fault is not relevant for Encoder feedback.
Flashing 'H' Motor over-temperature
(lowest priority)
Alternating 'A' and '3' Internal failure of positive and negative analog supply voltages
Three horizontal bars Watchdog: drive firmware failure



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