Drive Monitor

The Drive Monitor is a real-time monitor mechanism that allows the monitoring of up to three internal drive variables every servo sample. The following walkthrough shows how to set up monitor fields so that they can be traced in Motion Scope. This walkthrough supplements documentation for the sqDriveMonitor Utility. The Drive Monitor can be configured with the sqDriveMonitor Utility or the MPI.


sqDriveMonitor Utility

1. Open a command line prompt.
          a. To change the configuration of Node 0's to monitor actual current on Drive Monitor A,
              run the following sqDriveMonitor Utility and command:
                  sqDriveMonitor –node0 –index 10 -monitorA

2. Open VM3.
        a. Press F4 for hex mode.
        b. Press S to quickly jump down to the "SynqNet" registers.
        c. Find the following register: Status.Motor[0].Monitor[0]

        d. Write down the hex address for Status.Motor[0].Monitor[0]. ex: 0x00023263

3. Open up Motion Scope.
        a. Open a new trace. The current value in the drive is in the lower 16 bits.
        b. Monitor Field A is located in the lower 16 bits of memory location.
            Monitor Field B is located in the upper 16 bits of memory location
            labeled Status.Motor[0].Monitor[0].
        c. Monitor C is located in the lower 16 bits of Monitor [1], Status.Motor[0].Monitor[1].
            ex: 0x00023264

        d. In this example, we will display Monitor[0], whose address is 0x00023263.
        e. NOTE: The Monitor field addresses are dynamic addresses that are not constant.






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