long mpiSqNodeDriveMonitorConfigSet(MPISqNode                     node,
                                    long                          driveIndex, /* relative to the node */
                                    MPISqNodeDriveMonitorConfig   *config);

Required Header: stdmpi.h


mpiSqNodeDriveMonitorConfigSet writes a SynqNet node's drive monitor configuration from a structure pointed to by config. SynqNet nodes may support one or more drive interfaces. The drive monitor configuration can be written if the drive interface hardware supports a communication channel to the drive processor. The drive interface(s) for a SynqNet node are indexed by a number (0, 1, 2, etc.).

The SynqNet network packets have some extra fields that can be configured to read drive data every sample. Each monitor field is 32 bits. SynqNet nodes with drive interfaces that support drive monitoring can be configured to transmit the data. The drive manufacturer determines what data is available for monitoring. The monitor data can be specified by a predetermined index or memory address. Please see the drive's header file for the drive specific configuration structures, as well as, the drive manufacturer's documentation for details. All supported drive header files are located in the MPI\include directory.

node a handle to a SynqNet node object.
driveIndex an index to a drive interface on a SynqNet node. The first drive interface is 0, the second is 1, etc.
*config a pointer to a drive monitor configuration structure.
Return Values

See Also

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