The sqDriveMonitor Utility is used to configure the monitor data that is being sent from the drive.

To learn more about Drive Monitors, see Drive Monitor.



-? Help
-control # Controller number (default = 0)
-server # Name or IP address of the host running server.exe
-port # TCP/IP port on the host computer (default = 3300)
-trace # Bit mask to specify trace information outputs.
-node # Node address on the SynqNet network (default = 0).
-drive # Index of the drive relative to the node (default = 0)
-motor # The MPI motor object mapped to the drive (default = 0)
-memory # Address of the memory location for monitoring.
-index # Index into the monitor table for monitoring.
-monitorA Specifies monitor A. See Drive Monitor for details.
-monitorB Specifies monitor B. See Drive Monitor for details.
-monitorC Specifies monitor C. See Drive Monitor for details.
-poll Continuously poll all the drive monitors.
-info Display monitor information and configuration options.



Set Monitor A x
Set Monitor B x
Set Monitor C x
Poll the Monitor Data x
  - You can use either -node and -drive, OR just -motor to specify the desired drive interface.
- Either -memory OR -index can be used.


To set drive monitor write 1 to address 0x1000 of the data memory of drive processor 0 on node 0.
       C:Mei\03.03.00\Xmp\Bin\WinNT>sqdrivemonitor -monitorA -index 2

To poll the drive monitors.
       C:Mei\03.03.00\Xmp\Bin\WinNT>sqdrivemonitor -poll
       Node 0 Drive 0
       Monitor A      (index   2)      0xFFFE
       Monitor B      (index   5)      0x0001
       Monitor C      (index  10)      0x0080
       Press Return to exit



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