Appendix B: MPI Version Independence

Version independence is achieved in meiConfig configuration files by using the following practices:

  • Enum values are saved as text as opposed to numbers. For example, the value for MPIMotorBrakeModeNONE would be the text MPIMotorBrakeModeNONE, as opposed to 0.

  • When appropriate, bit masks are saved as a list of enum values. The enum values are represented as noted above.

  • Firmware addresses are saved as the symbolic location of the address. For example, the firmware address 0x01A564E0 may be represented as MPIMapSymbolTypeMOTOR_FEEDBACK_PRIMARY[0].

  • Older configuration files are transformed into the current format. The following transformations may occur:
    • Removal of elements that are no longer supported.
    • Renaming of elements whose names have changed.
    • Moving elements relative to their previous position.
    • Replacing element values with a new value.

See Also: Version History


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