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The Controller IO Input block is used to read a single bit of data from the Controller Input memory. This is a general purpose input that is available to the user. The block is updated at the update rate, determined by the Evaluate Block.


The following example illustrates a simple PID control loop set up for Axis 0, and the Motion State block is used to trigger the Controller IO Bit 0.

The Sign block takes any value coming out of the Motion State and turns it into a 1 (when the Motion State is greater than 0) or 0 (when the Motion State is 0). That value is converted to an integer (1 or 0) and written to the Control IO Output Bit 0..

The configuration values for this block are as follows:

Bit Number

Selects an input from bits 0-6:

0 = USER 0
1 = USER 1
2 = USER 2
3 = USER 3
4 = USER 4
5 = USER 5

Evaluate Block

This block allows you to specify whether the block executes Every Sample, Every Other Sample (Odd or Even), or Every Fourth Sample (and specify the First, Second, Third, or Fourth) or background. This provides greater flexibility in controlling the execution of a model and to preserve performance for other areas of motion control.

User Defined Block Priority When selected, allows you to enter a Priority Code to modify Execution Ordering of this block. For more information, see Block Execution Order and User Defined Block Priority.
Priority For an explanation of how the Priority field is used by the MechaWare Model Downloader, see Block Execution Order and User Defined Block Priority.
User Data 0 Application-specific data. See User Data Storage.
User Data 1 Application-specific data. See User Data Storage.


Simulink Interface

The Control IO Input block can only read from the control I/O bits. The Bit Number defines which bit to read (See overview for enumerations)..

The block has two user data fields (User Data 0, User Data 1) to store application-specific data for convenient storage and retrieval. See User Data Storage for details.

The block's update schedule is determined by the Evaluate Block. The following Parameter Dialog Box can be opened by double-clicking on the block in a Simulink Model:





Public Method

class CONTROL_IO_INPUTBlock: public virtual Block

	// User accessible coefficients
	long				BitNumber;

Required Header: mechaware.h


The CONTROL_IO_INPUT block is used as a convenient way of targeting the control input bits, abstracting the need for a source address and data type. See Overview for more information.


long BitNumber Bit Number of the input.


Block Methods

See Also

Bit Input | IO Input | Control IO Output


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