The current network state of the SynqNet object. Each state shows the present operation mode for the network. Network data traffic occurs in two modes: asynchronous and synchronous.

During asynchronous communication, a host application or controller sends one packet to one node and the node responds with one packet. There are no timing restrictions. Asynchronous communication is used during network initialization, reset, discovery, and node binary download.

During synchronous communication, the controller sends packets to the nodes and the nodes respond with packets. All data traffic is scheduled in fixed timeslots to avoid collisions. Packet data updates are cyclic and synchronized to the controller's sample rate.

The Discovery State is the initial state before the network is initialized. During this phase, the controller checks the network integrity, determines the network topology, resets the nodes, identifies, initializes, and addresses the nodes. Data packets are sent/received asynchronously.

The Async State is used for off-line operations, like node binary download. Data packets are sent/received asynchronously.

The Synq State is the normal operating state. Data packets are sent/received synchronously.

The SynqRecovering State occurs when a network fault condition was detected and the network is being reconfigured to route data packets around the fault. After the reconfiguration is complete and the packet error rate counters have decremented to zero, the network will return to the SYNQ state.

For more information, please refer to the SynqNet Overview.

 This property cannot be saved to flash memory.

Version History

Introduced in MPX 2.0.


Argument Type Description Default Value
Index Long

The index of the idle cable to read.

NOTE: This argument is intended for compatibility with future network topologies. Current network topologies support one or no idle cables.



SynqNetState (read only)

Visual Basic


Property State As SynqNetState

Sample Code


x = Controller.SynqNet(0).State

Sample Application






Sample Code


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SynqNet Overview


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