mpiSqNodeDownloadPipeLineServiceCommand(MPISqNode            sqNode,
                                        MPISqNodeCommand     *command,
                                        MPISqNodeResponse    *response,
                                        void                 * txdataBuffer,
                                        void                 *rxDataBuffer,
                                        int32_t                 count);


Required Header: stdmpi.h

Change History: Added in 04.00.


mpiSqNodeDownloadPipeLineServiceCommand method is used for service command reads/writes to node using pipeline mode of transfer. Network should be ASYNQ mode before calling this method. After sending the service command to the node, MPI does not wait for the DONE status bit to be set, which happens in Hand shake mode of transfer. This method configures Rincon TxTCb, TxBuffers, RxTCb, and RxBuffers and sends the service command in pipeline mode.

SqNode A handle to SynqNet node object.
MPISqNodeCommand Service command request data structure.
MPISqNodeResponse Response data structure for service command.
txdataBuffer Pointer to Transmit data buffer.
rxDataBuffer Pointer to receive data buffer.
count Number of bytes to be transmitted.
Return Values

See Also

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