int32_t mpiSynqNetInfo(MPISynqNet       synqNet,
                    MPISynqNetInfo   *info);

Required Header: stdmpi.h


mpiSynqNetInfo reads static information about the network associated with the SynqNet object and writes it into the structure pointed to by info. The SynqNet info structure contains read only data that was determined during network initialization.

synqNet a handle to a SynqNet object
*info pointer to a SynqNet network information structure
Return Values

Sample Code

   Get the number of nodes on the SynqNet network
   Returns -1 if there is an error
int NumberOfNodes(MPISynqNet synqNet)
    MPISynqNetInfo info;
    int32_t returnValue;
    int numNodes = -1;

    returnValue = mpiSynqNetInfo(synqNet, &info);
    if(returnValue == MPIMessageOK) {
        numNodes = info.nodeCount;
    return numNodes;

See Also

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