int32_t mpiSequenceCommandNext(MPISequence sequence,
                            MPICommand  command)


Required Header: stdmpi.h


mpiSequenceCommandNext returns the next element following "command" on the list. This function can be used in conjuntion with mpiSequenceCommandFirst(...) in order to iterate through the list.

NOTE: The maximum number of sequence commands that can exist on a controller, from all sequence objects, at one time is defined by MFWCmdBuffSizein MFW.h.

sequence a handle to the Sequence object.
command a handle to a Command object.
Return Values
handle to the Command following the Command (command) in a Sequence (sequence)
MPIHandleVOID if sequence is invalid
if command is the last command in a Sequence (sequence)

See Also

mpiSequenceCommandFirst | mpiSequenceCommandPrevious