int32_t mpiSequenceCommandListSet(MPISequence  sequence,
                               int32_t         commandCount,
                               MPICommand   *commandList)


Required Header: stdmpi.h


mpiSequenceCommandListSet creates a Sequence (sequence) of commandCount Commands using the Command handles specified by commandList. Any existing command Sequence is completely replaced.

The commandList parameter is the address of an array of commandCount Command handles, or is NULL (if commandCount is equal to zero).

You can also create a command Sequence incrementally (i.e., one command at a time), by using the Append and/or Insert methods. Use the List methods to examine and manipulate a command Sequence, regardless of how it was created.

NOTE: The maximum number of sequence commands that can exist on a controller, from all sequence objects, at one time is defined by MFWCmdBuffSizein MFW.h.

Return Values

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