MPI 04.00 Reference>>mpiNotify



   mpiNotifyEventWaitSpecific(MPINotify       notify,
                              MPIEventData*   eventData,
                              MPIModuleId     objectType,
                              size_t          objectIndex,
                              MPIEventType    eventType,
                              MPIWait         timeout);


Required Header: stdmpi.h

Change History: Added in 04.00.


mpiNotifyEventWaitSpecific(…) removes events from the Notify object’s event queue until an event is found that was generated by the specified source object (source) and of the specified event type (eventType).  If there are no events in the event queue that match source and eventType, mpiNotifyEventWaitSpecific(…) waits for a matching event to be posted to a notify object for timeout milliseconds. 

notify The Notify object handle.
eventDate A pointer to the location where the event data is written.
objectType The type of the source object of the event to wait for. 

objectIndex The index of the source object of the event to wait for.

eventType The event type to wait for.

timeout The timeout period specified in milliseconds.
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