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int32_t mpiNotifyEventMaskSet(MPINotify    notify,
                           MPIEventMask mask)


mpiNotifyEventMaskSet sets the event type(s) for which notification will be accepted by a Notify object (notify), as specified by mask.

Event notification is accepted for event types specified in mask, a bit mask of MPIEventMask bits (associated with the desired MPIEventType values). The MPIEventMask bits must be set or cleared using the MPIEventMask macros. Event notification is denied for event types not specified in mask.

notify A handle to a notify object.
mask An event mask, whose bits are defined by the MPIEventType enumeration.
Return Values

Sample Code

  Disables event notification and copies the previously used
  event mask to oldMask.  oldMask may then be used to re-enable
  event notification via another call to mpiNotifyEventMaskSet().
  void NotifyDisable(MPINotify notify, MPIEventMask* oldMask)
    MPIEventMask newMask;
    int32_t returnValue;

    returnValue = mpiNotifyEventMaskGet(notify, oldMask);


    returnValue = mpiNotifyEventMaskSet(notify, newMask);

See Also

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