MPI 04.00 Reference >> mpiMotion



mpiMotionPVTMove (MPIMotion                   motion,
                  int32_t                        pointCount,
                  const MPIMotionPVTPoint      points[],
                  MPIMotionPathAttrMask        mask,
                  const MPIMotionPathAttributes  *attributes);


Required Header: stdmpi.h
Change History: Added in 04.00.


mpiMotionPVTMove starts a path move. This function assumes that all of the points for the move are specified. If not, use mpiMotionPTBeginMove instead.

motion The Motion object to use.
pointCount The length of the points array.
point An array of multi-dimensional points for the motion to pass through with associated time values. For more information, see MPIMotionPTPoint.
mask A bit-mask composed of MPIMotionPathAttrMasks ORed together. Each bit set will enable the corresponding attribute.
attributes A pointer to additional data needed for certain mask values.