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int32_t mpiMotionAxisMapSet(MPIMotion         motion,
                         cont MPIAxisMap  *axisMap)


Required Header: stdmpi.h

Change History: Modified in 04.00.


mpiMotionAxisMapSet reads the axis mapping data from the contents of axisMap and sets the motion object’s mapping.

The motion supervisor to axis map is located in the controller's memory. The controller uses the axis map to coordinate moves, status, and actions between the axes. For example, if two axes (X and Y) are mapped to motion supervisor 0 and the X-axis faults with a position error limit, causing an ABORT action, the Y-axis will also execute an ABORT action. Another example is when moves are commanded, the motion supervisor will generate the motion DONE events with both the X-axis and Y-axis have met their settling criteria.

By default, the controller's motion supervisor to axis mapping is one to one.  It is possible to configure two motion supervisors to share the same axis, but it is not possible to command moves on both motion supervisors simultaneously.  When sharing axes, be aware you will need a motion supervisor that contains a map of all the shared axes, so error conditions can be cleared.

Note: Do not change the axis maps while an axis is moving.

motion A handle to the Motion object.
axisMap a pointer to an MPIMotionAxisMap
Return Values

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