typedef struct MEISqNodeInfoIo {
   long  digitalInCount;
   long  digitalOutCount;
   long  analogInCount;
   long  analogOutCount;
   long segmentCount; long maxWait; } MEISqNodeInfoIo;
Change History: Modified  in the 03.02.00


MEISqNodeInfoIo lists the number of digital and analog inputs that are supported by a SynqNet node.

digitalInCount The number of digital inputs on a SynqNet node.
digitalOutCount The number of digital outputs on a SynqNet node.
analogInCount The number of analog inputs on a SynqNet node.
analogOutCount The number of analog outputs on a SynqNet node.
segmentCount The total number of segments on a SynqNet node.

This is the maximum amount of time between when the output bit is set in software and the hardware state takes effect. See Output Waits. The units are the number of controller sample periods.

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