long meiSqNodeSegmentAnalogOutSet(MEISqNode    node,
                                  long         segment,
long channel, long state, MPI_BOOL wait);
  Required Header: stdmei.h
Change History: Modified in the 03.03.00. Added in the 03.02.00


meiSqNodeSegmentAnalogOutSet changes the current state of an analog output on the specified slice on a SynqNet node.

node a handle to a SynqNet node object.
segment the index of the slice/module attached to this SynqNet node.
For more information, please see the Overview of MPI I/O.
channel the index of the analog input channel (with respect to the slice).
For more information, please see the Overview of MPI I/O.

the desired state of the analog output.


determines what happens if two output functions are called in short succession.
See Overview of Motor I/O: Output Waits.

Return Values

Sample Code

The following MPI code sets the analog output Number 2 on Segment 1 of Node 1 to +5V.

meiSqNodeSegmentAnalogOutSet( sqNode1, 1, 2, 0x3FFF );

See Also

meiSqNodeSegmentAnalogOutGet | Accessing Analog Data | MEISqNodeInfoIo

Overview of MPI I/O


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