long meiMotorMultiTurnReset(MPIMotor    motor);
  Required Header: stdmei.h


meiMotorMultiTurnReset clears the SynqNet drive multi-turn data for absolute type encoders. This is only needed when configuring the zero location for an absolute encoder or when the absolute encoder's battery is replaced. Disable the motor before executing a multi-turn reset.

For Yaskawa SGDS and SGDZ-MD drives the nodes will be shut down and restarted.

In the case of Yaskawa SGDZ-MD drive, this operation will affect the other motors connected to the same Yaskawa SGDZ-MD node as the node will be shut down and restarted.

In the case of Yaskawa SGDZ-BS drives, this operation is an offline operation and SynqNet will be change to ASYNC mode before the multi-turn reset is performed.

NOTE: All SynqNet drives may not support or require this feature. Please see the drive manufacturer's documentation for details.

motor a handle to the Motor object
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