Compensator Objects

A Compensator object manages a single compensation table. Its primary function is to provide an interface to configure both the compensating axes and the compensated axis. It also provides an interface for loading the on-controller compensation tables. The Compensator object is a host-based object that has a corresponding compensator object embedded on the controller. The embedded compensator handles the real-time issues associated with axis position compensation.

Note:  Custom controller firmware is required in order to use the Compensator object. For more information about firmware, see Contoller Firmware for MPI 03.04.

Before creating the MPI Compensator object, the corresponding embedded compensator object on the controller must be enabled. Also, before configuring the MPI Compensator object, the controller's compensation table must be allocated with a sufficient size to hold all required compensation values (or points). Both of these items can be configured using mpiControlConfigGet/Set(...) methods.

Note:  Configuring the compensator table size using mpiControlConfigSet(...) will reallocate the controller's dynamic memory. Reallocating dynamic memory on the controller affects multiple objects and should only be done at the very beginning of your application.

For more information on determining compensation table size please see Determining Required Compensator Table Size.

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Create, Delete, Validate Methods
  mpiCompensatorCreate Create Compensator object
  mpiCompensatorlDelete Delete Compensator object
  mpiCompensatorValidate Validate Compensator object

Configuration and Information Methods
  mpiCompensatorConfigGet Get Compensator configuration
  mpiCompensatorConfigSet Set Compensator configuration
  meiCompensatorInfo Get Compensator information
  meiCompensatorTableGet Get Compensator table
  meiCompensatorTableSet Set Compensator table

Memory Methods
  meiCompensatorMemory Set address to be used to access Compensator memory
  meiCompensatorMemoryGet Get bytes of Compensator memory and place it into application memory
  meiCompensatorMemorySet Put (set) bytes of application memory into Compensator memory

Relational Methods
  meiCompensatorControl Return handle of Control object associated with Compensator
  meiCompensatorNumber Get number of Compensator

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