eXMP-SynqNet QS Guide

Host-Side Configuration


1. Power down Controller.



2. Start the FTP server supplied by Tornado on the host computer. An FTP server is only needed if files will be loaded off the host computer.



3. Add a User Profile for the eXMP-SynqNet.
     Default setttings:
         User Name: target
         Password: pw



4. Open HyperTerminal and configure a new connection. Choose a name and icon for this connection.



5. If it is not already connected, connect eXMP COM1/Console to COM1 on the host computer using a NULL serial cable. Console mode is now enabled on the eXMP-SynqNet.




6. After pressing OK, switch "Connect using" to apporpriate COM port. All other fields should be grayed out after selections have been made.



7. Configure the connection as follows:

  •  Bits per second: 9600
  •  Data bits: 8
  •  Parity: None
  •  Stop bits: 2
  •  Flow control: None

Click OK. The session is now active. (Upon exit, save this session for later use.)



8. Power up the eXMP-SynqNet.


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