eXMP-SynqNet QS Guide

Hardware Setup

A fully populated eXMP-SynqNet is shown below. Depending on the version of eXMP-SynqNet, some connectors may not be present.


Configuring for Console Mode

The following steps will explain how to set up the eXMP-SynqNet in console mode so that it may be accessed by a host computer for local development and testing. This is mandatory for configuring Bootline parameters under the VxWorks operating system.


1. The local console must be attached to COM1 via a Null Modem serial cable whose RIN (pin 9) and DTR (pin 4) lines are tied together. To make your own console cable, please refer to the diagram below.

     eXMP Console Cable Wiring Diagram


The short between these two pins indicates the presence of a valid console device and is detected during system initialization by the eXMP, thereby enabling the Console output to COM1. This can be done with either an inline adapter or modifications to the Null Modem cable itself. The eXMP-SynqNet must be placed into console mode to exercise the instructions listed in the Changing Boot Parameters section.


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