General Controller I/O Specifications

ZMP-SynqNet Controllers

  These specifications are valid for the ZMP-SynqNet-PCI and ZMP-SynqNet-CPCI-3U controllers. These specifications were measured at 25°C.

PN: T015-0001

PN: T127-0001

1 XESTOP Input and 3 Opto Inputs

Input High Voltage (ON): Min 4.0V; Max 28.8V
Input Low Voltage (OFF): Max 0.8V
Input High Current: Max 15 mA
Input Low Current: Max 1 mA @ 0.8V
Input Impedence: Min 2300 Ohms

3 Opto Outputs

Output Max Sink Current: 50mA
Output Low Voltage @ Io=50mA: Max 1.0V
Collector Power Dissipation: 150mW





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