Important Things to Know for MechaWare 04.03.xx

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The MechaWare 04.03 release contains several new features and improvements since the 04.02.xx series. This section provides a summary of the changes that were implemented for the 04.03 release.


Important Notes and Requirements

Note: MechaWare is not supported on XMP and eXMP-SynqNet controllers.

Installation Note: The MPI 4.3 library must be installed before installing MechaWare. For more information about instructions on installing the MPI Library, see Installing the Motion Development Kit (MDK).

WARNING! MechaWare 04.03 requires Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 with Service Pack 1. For more information, see System Requirements.

MPI 04.03 Support

MechaWare 04.03 is built on top of the MPI 04.03 software library. Several MPI 04.03 key features apply to MechaWare 04.03. For more information about MPI 04.03 features, see Important Things To Know.


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