Important Things to Know for MechaWare 03.04.xx

Release Type MechaWare Version Release Date
03.02.02 03.04.11
Patch Release
03.02.01 03.04.11
Patch Release
03.02.00 03.04.08
Patch Release
Custom Release 03.02.00 25Jul2007
03.02.Beta0 03.04.08
Patch Release


MechaWare is designed to provide the advanced controls engineer the ability to design, implement, and load user-defined control algorithms onto a ZMP-SynqNet controller. The user defines and designs a new control algorithm in the user-friendly Matlab/Simulink workspace. This environment provides an easy-to-use graphical interface to define the control algorithm and also takes advantage of Matlab's data analysis capabilities.

NOTE: MechaWare is not supported on XMP-SynqNet controllers.

Installation Note: The latest MPI Library must be installed before installing MechaWare. Please see Installing the Motion Development Kit (MDK) for instructions on installing the MPI Library before installing MechaWare.

New Features in Version 03.02.00


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