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MPX.NET is a software package designed for Kollmorgen’s SynqNet™ controllers to operate with Microsoft’s .NET™ framework. The MPX has been designed to provide an easy-to-use motion application development tool. In addition to full motion application development, the MPX is well suited for developing test and production applications, as well as specialized utilities. Creation of custom motion interfaces is possible using VisualBasic .NET®, C#, and other environments that support .NET libraries. Applications can be run inside computers containing SynqNet controller, including embedded controllers or across LANs and the Internet.

Key Features

  • Program in VisualBasic .NET®, C#, and other environments that support .NET
  • Compatible with SynqNet XMP and ZMP controllers
  • Supports up to 32 axes
  • Supports up to 32 SynqNet nodes
  • May be used across TCP/IP networks via client/server
  • Servo and stepper support
  • Error Handling    (See Error Handling)
  • Utility library that includes GUI controls    (See MPX Utility Library)
  • Compatible with MechaWare for developing custom control algorithms
  • Support for SynqNet and CANOpen I/O    (See Overview of SynqNet I/O for the MPX)

New Features in Version 02.00.00


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