Troubleshooting: Obtaining MPX and MPI Versions


Unable to determine the version information of the installed MPX and MPI software.


To obtain the currently installed MPX version number or to see which MPI version is compatible with your MPX version, check the properties of the MPX.dll file, MPXNET.dll.

The default location for the MPX.dll file is located at
C:\Program Files\Danaher Motion\MPX\Bin.

Right click on the MPX.dll file and select Properties.

Right click the DLL and select Properties


Select the Version tab.  In the Item Name box, select Product Version.  The MPX product version will appear in the Value box as in the image below.

Select the Version tab and then Product Version. Version will appear in Value box.


To view the compatible MPI version, select MPI Build in the Item Name box.  The compatible MPI version will appear in the Value box as shown below.

Select MPI Build to see the MPI version


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