User Labels Overview

User labels allow descriptive names to be given to objects for easier recognition. Every MPX Controller, Axis, Motion, and SqNode object has a user label which is stored on the controller and can be saved to flash memory.

User labels are accessed via MPX Objects’ UserLabel property.

User labels have a size restriction. Due to how User labels are stored on the controller, the size is dependent upon the types of characters used. The maximum length of a User label is 16 characters, but will be shorter if non-Latin characters are used. When setting an object’s UserLabel property, the label will be truncated to meet the size restriction. The function Global.UserLabelValidate can be used to determine if a particular string can be assigned to a User label without truncation.

The user label is stored as a UTF-8 Unicode string. The maximum size of a label is 16 bytes (not including the null-terminator). If the provided label is greater than 16 bytes, the label will be truncated to fit into the 16 byte buffer.

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