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MPI Library Version 03.03.05.b1.02

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This is a branch of the 03.03.05 release. It adds support for the Kollmorgen S300, S600, and S1800 drives to the 03.03.05 release. For more information about the 03.03.05 release, please see the 03.03.05 Release Notes.



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    Fixed Bugs

Version 03.03.05.b1.02
    S1800 drive faults and warnings are not reported correctly - MPI1960

Fixed Bugs

Version 03.03.04

  S1800 drive faults and warnings are not reported correctly
    Reference Number: MPI 1960
    Type: Fixed Bug
    MPI Version: 03.03.05.b1.02

All the drive faults and warnings for the S1800 drive were not being reported.


This problem was fixed. All drive faults and warnings are now reported.

    Affects to Application Code:
These changes were made to the internal MPI/MEI libraries and will not affect customer code.




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